"Quirk is a talented, creative company who can & will deliver your design intent to your satisfaction. If you have a unique design idea, construction challenges, or need a creative solution Quirk is where it's at."

— Karey Spransy (3form)


"Quirk - yeah, the name says it all. These guys make some rad stuff. Darin is super creative when it comes to working within your budget to make a statement that can't typically be pulled off with conventional building materials. Only quirky guys can thrive in a world that combines floating clouds and back lit palm trees (think interior designer) and at the same time incorporate the real world nuts and bolts of how to constructing and supporting these ideas within the space of your building (think carpenter). If you've got some crazy creative ideas floating around in your brain, and want to take what's inside your brain and make it a reality incorporating that creative (or crazy) into your work place, Darin is your guy."

— Phil Berry (Layton Construction)


"I have had the opportunity to work with Darin and the crew at quirk on a number of projects over the past 5 years and have been thrilled with the experiences. Having the ability to construct anything, paired with the eye of a designer, makes quirk a valuable partner. In our industry, you will often times have friction between a contractor, architect, or owner. Darin will ask the questions ahead of time to get the desired product the first time, which is a talent few have and a method that even fewer practice! I highly recommend Darin and the team at quirk on any creative project needs you may have. I also recommend talking to them early in the process as their skills and value are not limited to final installations "

— Peter Luger (Rulon International)