Pleasant Grove Library

Can a stingray, starfish, squid, and two dolphins become a sea turtle? They can if you don't mind acting like a 5-year old. The only way to see the sea turtle is to lie on the floor directly under this mobile; only then, will the perspective reveal its true self. (We love that most adults will never see this!) The Pleasant Grove Public Library commissioned Quirk to design, build, and install these uniquely colorful pieces of art.

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Pg library 4.jpg
Pg library 3.jpg
Pg library 2.jpg

This art is beautiful on its own, but then reveal a whole new idea when looked at from the right angle and distance. Every now and then, you will have the opportunity to do something creatively special that will catch the attention of your clients. When that happens, make sure that you are working with a specialty contractor that thinks outside of the box and can execute your creative direction.

Darin Harker