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Design and Construction projects start on the drawing table at Quirk


Complete Custom

Quirk is a factory trained installer

custom fabrication and installation

fabrication of custom parts

Quirk specializes in the

We utilize the latest plastic fabrication tools

About Quirk’s Design Process…

From conception to installation, thoroughness in the design and engineering phase provide the attention to detail that set the standard of excellence for all Quirk projects. We provide detailed engineered studio drawings with these objectives in mind:

  • Comprehensive representation of the client’s project goals
  • Imminent design improvement and future anticipation
  • Integrated harmony with other building material/space surroundings
  • Integrated harmony with other building material/space surroundings
  • Seamless coordination between design, fabrication and installation
resin colors

Quirk’s Fabrication Capabilities…

Our trained professionals understand the properties of specialty materials, how they bend, how they weld, route or cut. The interaction of different materials being joined together can be a challenging ordeal, and a costly experience for the inexperienced. We take the extra effort to insure your desires in fabricating with specialty materials are met. Quirk utilizes the latest plastic fabrication tools to provide the aesthetics and tolerances our customers require. Difficulty shapes and designs are our specialty.

custom wall panels

About Quirk’s Installation…

Quirk is a factory trained installer and the preferred choice of many discriminating clients!

From contractors to private residence, from top designers to our neighbors next door, we understand the costly materials that go into our client’s projects. The importance of “getting it right”, has made Quirk a trusted source in every aspect of their projects. We provide a variety of services including:

  • Project Management and Consulting
  • Complete custom installations
  • Complete wall panel systems
  • Layout and on-site dimensioning assistance
  • Field supervision and technical assistance
  • Installation quality control and support
  • Residential and Commercial Bidding

Quirk Is a Full Service, one stop Shop

The Principles at Quirk have such varied backgrounds that we come up with creative, cost effective solutions for your not-so-standard projects.

Do you want to do something unique and/or special?

Then you’ll want to be working with Quirk. Our goal is to make you and your project look great.
That’s all we do…

Quirk is a custom fabrication and installation company specializing in things that nobody else does. These include but are not limited to 3form, Modular Arts, Dirtt, artificial environments and custom printed graphics and wall coverings. Our 8000 sq ft shop is chock full of wood working tools, metal working tools, full size automotive paint booth, plastic fabrication tools but most importantly creativity and an over flowing desire to figure out how to do what ever it is you want to accomplish.

We enjoy working with cutting edge designers and architects, people who want to push the boundaries of style and convention. Great customer service allows us to work with all the people involved with a project including the contractors and customers.


Our Services

Quirk is a partner, factory trained fabricator and installer, of 3form.  We know the product well, our shop is near the factory, and most importantly, we take extra efforts to make sure that your desires in using 3form are met.  This is a costly product with a long lead time. You can’t afford to mess up.

  • Modular Arts – gypsum panels
  • Iconic – wood panels
  • Digital Printed wall coverings
  • Artificial environments
  • Custom Airbrush
  • Something never heard of before
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